Equality & Inclusion Project




·         To promote participation of disabled young people

·         To promote inclusion

·         To promote equality and diversity

·         To promote disability awareness

·         To promote the voice of all young people

·         To increase accessibility





·         To develop a user led approach

·         To involve children and young people (C&YP) in the planning and delivery of Prism’s projects and services

·         To ensure that the young people are achieving their full potential to age 25 and beyond

·         To enhance the life chances of C&YP

·         To address barriers which disabled C&YP face and feed -back these views to the local authority, where applicable

·         To incorporate the views of the C&YP into the organisational business plan


Current Projects

·         Disability Forum

·         Peer mentoring Project – designed and delivered by the Disability Forum

·         D/deaf & hearing impaired evening group

·         School holiday and evening provision for young people with additional needs



Models of good practice/ legislation that underpins our work:

·         Social Model of Disability

·         Equality Act 2010


For further information, please contact Leanne Wright (Equality & Inclusion Manager) on 01274 360548