Prism Independent School

Our Vision
“Unique opportunities for unique young people.”

Mission Statement

Prism considers every young person as a unique individual with unique needs and unique potential. We work to provide a safe, secure and happy environment and innovative, dynamic and creative opportunities for those young people who struggle to achieve in more conventional settings.

Our offer is a holistic, using a ‘hearts, hands, minds’ curriculum, personalised learning, guidance and support and empower young people to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to move back into mainstream education, or into their chosen employment and training opportunities.


We believe that situations and experiences create the social, emotional and
mental health difficulties our pupils experience and we encourage our pupils
to overcome these by learning to:

  • Believe in themselves and their abilities.
  • Aim for their goals and have high aspirations
  • Respect themselves, others and their environment
  • Trust that we will always work to support their best interests.

Our STRIVE values






Emotionally Intelligent

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