Provision for People Who Have English as a Second Language

Provision for Pupils who have English as a Second Language

PRISM Independent School will work with referrers prior to admission to assess the levels of English of any students whose first language is not English. We will then support each student in accordance with his or her needs, with a personal programme of study (IEP). This may range from an initial spell of intensive EFL to full integration with the curriculum. IEPs are drawn up for every pupil with EFL.

For any pupil with Particular Learning Needs, whether or not he/she has a Statement, care will have already been taken, prior to that pupil’s referral into the School, to assess fully that pupil’s needs and to ensure that steps are taken to meet them. At this stage, as at every appropriate subsequent stage, consultation with specialists and parents, as needed, will take place and, where a Statement applies, all terms of the Statement, including the reviewing and reporting modes and periods, will be met. For any pupil with Particular Learning Needs staff will remain fully aware of the pupil’s needs as recorded